Region 14 Core Values

Our clients are important to us and we value the partnerships we are able to build with them. For that reason, we developed a set of core values that we use to guide our work with our clients and each other.

On behalf of our clients, we embrace the following core values:

Impact Focused

We are productive and effective by focusing on client needs, providing excellent service, and being thoughtful, responsive, and intentional in our approach.


Community of Care

We are open-minded— all opinions are given equal weight and consideration. We listen to each other to understand and to be understood. We maintain a positive attitude.


Collaborative Culture

We work across organizations as one team and we build trusting partnerships with clients. We strive to communicate consistently, clearly, and efficiently.


Center of Equity

We encourage inclusiveness, diversity, and cultural competency in the work we do with clients, as well as within our team.


Growth Focused

We are constantly learning because our growth benefits the work we do with clients, and our own professional development.