Our Services

“Through sustained collaboration with SEA leaders, our team supports SEAs as they build new knowledge and skills, improve organizational systems and structures, create new polices informed by evidence and developed with recipients in mind, and identify new resources to address their pressing needs.”

Paul Koehler
Region 14 CC Deputy Director

The Region 14 Comprehensive Centerprovides support to help SEAs select and implement their evidence-based strategies. We offer the following capacity building servicesto achieve SEAgoals:

Engaging and Facilitating Use of Evidence

  • Content Expertise. Collaborate with subject matter experts to explore, assess, analyze, and/or resolve an issue facing a program, service, or project.
  • Trainings and professional learning opportunities. Design, identify, and implement events to meet organizational needs using evidence-based instructional design and adult learning principles.
  • SEAs and stakeholder collaboration. Engage and facilitate connections and collaboration with key stakeholders and decision-makers, including other Regional Centers and the National Center,to help solve a problem or achieve a goal.
  • Communication and Dissemination Planning. Provide strategic communication and dissemination support for all phases of a project, for myriad audiences, using multiple channels.
  • Critical Friendship and Thought Partnership. Provide training, coaching and consultation to strengthen professional skills and behaviors of individuals and/or groups to help achieve a goal.

Systematically Implementing and Sustaining Evidence-Based Practice

  • Evidence-based supports to develop a systems approach. Engage in performance management processes to develop a comprehensive approach that aligns resources, activities, and goals to continuously improve existing systems or services.
  • Models, tools, and supports for the implementation and monitoring of evidence-based practices. Identify and/or design resources to assist with the implementation, scale-up, and monitoring of evidence-based programs, practices, and interventions.
  • Evidence-based practices and resources. Identify and promote strategies and content to increase knowledge, understanding, and access to evidence-based practices and resources.
  • Project and performance management. Provide support and training around processes, methods, and skills to achieve project objectives, manage and monitor work activities, assess progress, and strengthen practices.
  • Corrective action prevention and remediation. Identify and carry out capacity-building services that help SEAs address corrective actions or results from audit findings and monitoring.

Employing Data-Driven Continuous Improvement

  • Data Quality, Analysis and Use, and Presentation. Review existing data systems and quality procedures; assist with data analysis planning, execution, and use; and provide support around data visualization and presentation.
  • Policy Analysis & Development. Analyze existing policies and suggest refinements aligned to a system’s needs and goals —blending national best practices with key elements of local and state context.
  • Evaluation and Research Design and Support. Identify and/or create research agendas and research, as well as formative/summative assessment strategies and collaborative data analysis to assess and measure outcomes of existing practices or changes in systems or services.