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Who We Are: Sally Hall

Project Manager
Sally Hall

"Distilling complex projects into easy-to-understand systems brings structure to the team’s approach and improves the efficiency and efficacy of team members working within the projects."


About Sally Hall


As a Project Manager across multiple portfolios of work, Sally implements and improves processes throughout our Center and manages the day-to-day needs of some of our largest projects. She is essential to the development, delivery, and refinement of our project management systems, always exploring new ways to automate recurring processes in order to better support project teams.

Sally is empathetic and client-focused in her approach to real-time problem solving across the diverse teams at our Center and within state education agencies. Her expertise in making connections between people and systems increases team collaboration, communication, and engagement.


Career Highlights

  • Sally managed multiple concurrent work streams focused on improving the cohesiveness of the Arkansas Department of Education, Division of Elementary and Secondary Education’s human capital management system. She supported the successful revision of their Teach Arkansas strategic goals and improvements to their statewide Novice Teacher Survey.

  • Sally designed and implemented the Region 14 Comprehensive Center’s suite of Smartsheet project- tracking tools. She manages the Box document repository and file-sharing system, drafts Scopes of Work (SOPs) for use across Westat, and coordinates the facilitation of hybrid leadership meetings.

  • Sally led the implementation of project management processes for the Costume and Wardrobe Department at ZACH Theater in Austin, Texas. She developed detailed SOPs and templates for production documentation that are still in use today.

Areas of Expertise

  • Project Management

  • Documentation

  • Process Improvement

  • Communication

  • Systems Thinking


  • B.F.A., Theatre and Communications, Southwestern University

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