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Our Areas of Work: Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational effectiveness, in a state education agency, focuses on how the agency structures itself to efficiently achieve its goals. This is a holistic approach to improving the functioning of an organization by focusing on clear, measurable, and well-communicated goals and managing organization performance at all levels to attain those goals. Productivity is the ratio of effectiveness to cost. Advancing productivity means finding ways to maximize student outcomes with the money at hand.  

We support all three states to think more strategically to better align the work of various divisions, as well as thoughtfully allocate resources to reach desired outcomes and avoid unintended consequences that could negatively impact students, schools, and communities.


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    Supporting large-scale system redesign

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    Setting up high-quality internal processes

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    Transforming organizational culture

Leader talking to group of people in a meeting
“Assisting state education agencies with organizational effectiveness is an exciting opportunity to support pursuing the agency vision and make a distinctive impact on students, by aligning agency resources. This is a topic state staff rarely have the time and energy to focus on and we bring expertise to build state capacity in this important area.”
Laura Jurgensen, J.D. , Organizational Effectiveness Lead