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Project: Rebranding, Rethinking, Relaunching: The Louisiana Department of Education's Digital Evolution

In the spring of 2023, the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) embarked on a transformative journey to enhance its brand and digital presence. Recognizing the need to improve accessibility, engage the public, and meet evolving user expectations, the LDOE initiated a multi-year project with the collaborative support of the Region 14 Comprehensive Center (R14CC) and its trusted design and development partners at Mighty Citizen and Petracore.


The Need

Motivated by the outstanding success of Louisiana students who surpassed national averages in reading scores during the COVID-19 era, the LDOE acknowledged the opportunity to further showcase its innovative approach to education. Inspired by this remarkable achievement, the LDOE proactively initiated a strategy to amplify its strengths through a comprehensive rebranding initiative, refinement of communication processes, and a technologically advanced foundation for future improvements.


Our Approach

Research and Discovery

The R14CC team supported the LDOE with an exhaustive assessment of its current assets and capabilities, including:

  • A comprehensive brand audit   

  • Website analytics and content audit  

  • Review of all technology in use  

  • Staffing assessment

The resulting data became the cornerstone for creative and strategic decisions, giving the LDOE and R14CC teams the ability to define the project's scope and chart a clear course of action. This informed approach enhances the LDOE's ability to fulfill its mission and objectives by incorporating research-backed insights into the overarching digital transformation strategy.


Women holding a clipboard with a document that reads "The Louisiana Department of Education: Branding and Creative Brief". Also there are two people reviewing branding sitting at a table with a computer.


Measured Implementation

With a clear understanding of the LDOE’s current assets, audiences, and needs, R14CC and its partners helped the LDOE develop a phased implementation strategy.

Phase 1 included the creation of a new visual identity, new communications strategy, and a design for their new website. This phase was crafted in close partnership with internal collaborators, including communications staff and executive leadership. R14CC partnered with these LDOE collaborators to leverage insights gained through engagement with educators and school system leaders at Louisiana’s annual Teacher Leader Summit, attended by over 5000 Louisiana educators.


Four members of the team smiling standing at a table while getting feedback from attendees at the Louisiana teacher Summit. Also, attendees engage in a conversation during a focus group.
LDOE new brand depictions

The LDOE is currently in Phase 2, where they are working hard to prepare for the launch of the new website in summer 2024. During this phase, key collaborators within the LDOE receive customized support in evaluating website content across the agency’s program offices and departments. Collaborators also receive customized support from the R14CC team to ensure a smooth transition to the new platform.

This personalized approach is aimed at ensuring consistency and maximizing the impact of the upcoming platform. The team is dedicated to making it easy for school systems, educators, and the community to find the information they need. They are creating a digital space that will serve the diverse needs of Louisianans.

LDOE new website depiction

Advancing Forward

In our next steps, we're working on a custom photo library to enhance the website. Our goal is to capture the vibrancy of Louisiana's students, educators, school staff, and communities. By spotlighting real faces and authentic stories, we're not just building a website—we're building trust and nurturing meaningful connections. 

After launching the website, the agency will begin a research phase to gather insights and make further improvements. To show their commitment to enhancing their brand, user experience, and content delivery on an ongoing basis, the agency will conduct regular qualitative surveys. This process highlights the importance of effective communication in shaping education at all levels, from state-level policies to individual student experiences. It also demonstrates the agency’s dedication to excellence and adaptability in today's ever-changing digital landscape.