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Project: Louisiana Operational Quality

The Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) is optimizing organizational operations to increase productivity and efficiency so internal staff can better serve students and impact educational outcomes.

LDOE is building a more efficient, process-oriented team by incorporating project management tools such as change management, lean principles, and Lean Six Sigma (LSS). They are developing standard operating procedures and automating routine processes agency-wide. 


Our Approach 

The Region 14 Comprehensive Center (R14CC) is providing training in lean practices, identifying opportunities for systemic improvements, developing and implementing processes, and aiding with continuous improvement for operations over time. The long-term goals are to increase efficiency, productivity, and quality of work for all LDOE employees.

The R14CC team customized and led a series of trainings related to LSS practices and helped LDOE employees gain the skills necessary to better implement aspects of LSS work. The team worked to identify improvement projects across the agency and used LSS tools to create stronger internal operations and involved a dedicated group of trained LDOE Six Sigma Green Belts to assist with implementing LSS best practices. 



Advancing Forward

The R14CC team continues to support LDOE staff by providing tools, training, and resources related to LSS implementation facilitating conversations about what is working and what still needs to change for peak performance.