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Feature: Accelerated Learning Resource Roundup

This collection of resources was developed by educators and technical assistance providers from the National Comprehensive Center and Regional Comprehensive Centers to aid in the implementation of Accelerated Learning to support academic recovery for K-12 students across the country.



Introduction to Accelerated Learning Resources

National Center Guide to Accelerated Learning

The National Comprehensive Center's Accelerated Learning Work Group created this introductory Guide to Accelerated Learning. The guide offers descriptions, resources, and examples of state education agencies implementing Accelerated Learning into their programs and answers some important questions.

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State Approaches to Learning Acceleration

National Comprehensive Center Accelerated Learning Work Group members from across the country came together to deliver an in-person lecture at the 2023 ESEA conference. Their presentation, Increasing Velocity and Effectiveness: State Approaches to Learning Acceleration, is a deep dive into acceleration approaches.

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Assessment, Instruction, and Intervention to Accelerate Learning for Students with or At Risk for Disabilities that Impact Literacy Skills

This presentation for the National Comprehensive Center's Accelerated Learning Work Group provides information on key issues for learning recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic. It describes what accelerated learning is, what it is not, and how schools and state agencies are addressing learning loss.

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High-Dosage Tutoring

Those Tutors You Need? They’re Right in Front of You!

By thinking long-term, schools have an opportunity to alleviate the tutoring shortfall and build a tutor-to-teacher pipeline as early as high school. It’s an easy win for teachers, future teachers, and students.

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Powerful Interventions: The Evidence for Incorporating High-Dosage Tutoring in Summer Programs

This presentation highlights the evidence-based characteristics of tutoring programs that can be the key to accelerated learning and describes how different programs have been able to achieve strong results. Learn about incorporating tutoring within summer programming as well as stand-alone programs and practical tips for locating and training staff, incentivizing participation, scheduling, and identifying materials.

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3, 2, 1! High-Dosage Tutoring Takes Off with Mission Acceleration in Mississippi

This blog from the Region 7 Comprehensive Center focuses on learning acceleration, highlighting Mission Acceleration, a high-dosage tutoring program in Mississippi that is generating results for its participants. The team breaks down what "high-dosage" tutoring means and provides evidence to support its effectiveness.

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Out-of-School Time & Summer Learning/Enrichment

Accelerating Learning Through Summer and OST

Accelerating Learning through Summer and Out of School Time (OST) provides tips and high-interest resources to plan a comprehensive summer and OST strategy that benefits kids. It provides an overview of the research and evidence base; details about stimulus funds set aside to support programs; ideas for engaging partners, staff, families, and students in the design; and links to tools that practitioners use to plan and implement programs with quality.

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Student Recruitment Made Easier –7 Essential Components

There is no need to struggle with the “how” when working to recruit students to programs outside of the school day. That’s because The Wallace Foundation Summer Learning Recruitment Guide has provided detailed steps, including explanations and templates to create a successful recruitment plan. Getting students back into school buildings, or other locations, to spend additional learning time can be a difficult task, especially without previous experience in recruiting and quality resources. Lots of time could easily be spent “reinventing the wheel” if educators are not aware of proven student-recruitment resources and guides.

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Vacation Academies: High-Power Learning in Short-Time Blocks

Even after summer sessions come to a close, the need for learning acceleration will continue. Short-term “vacation” academies are a learning recovery strategy that has shown positive literacy and math results. This session presents the evidence along with practical advice for engineering successful experiences.

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Other Tools

Sample RFP: Procuring Vendors for Learning Recovery & Acceleration Efforts

This sample Request for Proposals (RFP) provides districts/LEAs a template to base future RFPs. It aligns with the recommendations from the Promising Procurement Practices Brief and is written for learning recovery and acceleration services. It also includes examples of 4 different Outcomes-Based Contract (OBCs) models that districts could utilize with external vendors.

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The Accelerated Learning Work Group Discusses Literacy and Math

During one of the Accelerated Learning Work Group’s informal discussions, two reports were investigated. The reports explored acceleration versus remediation and how these differing teaching styles are affecting student’s performances. Group members discussed subject content details as well as demographic observations, relating them to personal and professional experiences.

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A Worksheet for Exploring NAEP Scores

The Accelerated Learning Work Group developed the NAEP Results Exploration Worksheet to help individuals, states/jurisdictions (NAEP is administered in the 50 states, District of Columbia, and the Department of Defense Education Agency), and districts add clarity and highlight trends as they navigate the extensive details. By comparing patterns of state and national scores, Regional Comprehensive Centers can assess what’s working and what’s not and be a helpful resource to state and local education agencies.

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