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Project: Texas Principal Residency Grant Program

The Texas Education Agency partnered with the Region 14 Comprehensive Center to strengthen the Principal Residency Grant Program as a means to provide districts with qualified leaders. In doing so, Texas students will receive a more equitable education and have stronger academic outcomes. Their mission to support the Principal Residency Grant will empower districts with top-notch leaders and encourage the full potential of Texas students.

The Need

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is working to develop strong instructional leaders across the state. TEA supports the Principal Residency Grant Program, created in 2018. The program was designed to build strong campus leaders through a partnership between districts and educator preparation programs. It focuses on providing training on best practices in instructional and campus leadership.

Our Approach

The Region 14 Comprehensive Center (R14CC) team, including two subject matter experts, worked with TEA to help it strengthen the Principal Residency Grant Program and support the principals in residence. This included creating resources and trainings for the residents on program sustainability.


One of the resources was a mentor-mentee matching tool that pairs potential principal residents with mentors to support them as they go through the program. The tool includes a rubric for the mentors and mentees to fill out to ensure a strong partnership. The tool also provides guidelines for how mentors should be selected.

The framework developed for the program is a resource for the participants to use to reflect on, organize, track, and implement their programs. Participants and TEA can use this system as they develop and store resources for the program.


The training sessions gave participants the opportunity to learn multiple strategies on how to sustain an effective and rigorous program. Participants gained techniques for strategic recruitment, cohesive alignment to leadership competencies, and low-cost ways to sustain the work done by the Principal Residency Grant Program. R14CC recorded one of the trainings so that TEA residents have access to the information.

R14CC collaborated with TEA to establish a suggested scope and sequence for milestones related to program implementations to best serve its residents. In addition, R14CC served as a thought partner for determining how TEA recruits districts and partners with the educator preparation programs.

R14CC also supported the annual Principal Residency Summer Institute by assisting with planning, facilitation, logistical support, and leading sessions. The purpose of the institute is to support principal residents, their mentors and districts, and their educator preparation partners as they implement their principal resident programs.

Advancing Forward

R14CC and TEA are working to ensure that the program remains sustainable. R14CC recently led a training on sustainability for the grantees and will continue to provide support as needed. Currently, TEA is onboarding a new staff member, so R14CC will work to support their growth with the project.