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Who We Are: Erin Blass, MMEd

Education Project Specialist
Erin Blass, MMEd

“Education, especially when supported by arts and music instruction, has the capacity to connect to students’ lived experiences and foster in them a willingness and ability to advocate for change in their world.”


About Erin Blass


Erin Blass is an Education Project Specialist for the Region 14 Comprehensive Center. Erin synthesizes current research and national best practices to provide technical assistance and support to state and local education agencies. With over ten years of domestic and international K-12 teaching experience, she is an expert in advocating for students and educators by providing diverse solutions to unique problems.

Erin utilizes her passion for learning to untangle complex problems and encourage enthusiastic, solutions-focused working relationships. She interprets systemic processes that affect individuals and local communities and is dedicated to advancing culturally responsive education policies and practices. Her international experiences and perspectives bolster her commitment to improving conditions and outcomes for all educators, students, and families.


Career Highlights

  • Erin has taught K-12 band, orchestra, theater, and general music on three continents for 13 years.
  • Erin has blended constructivist teaching practices and culturally responsive curriculum in music.
  • Erin has implemented course designs and professional consultations with culture-bearing community representatives to encourage equitable access and involvement in the performing arts.

Areas of Expertise

  • K-12 music education
  • Music education in public and private schools
  • American schooling in international settings
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion
  • Culturally responsive arts education
  • Lived experiences of career teachers 


  • MMEd, Music Education, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • BME, Music Education, Northern Arizona University 

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