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Evidence-based Practices and/or Precedent Availability

Charting the Course:
Navigating from Current State to Ideal State

Implementing research-based practices is ideal because there is available evidence to suggest a successful outcome. There are two components to consider. First, identify research-based practices that support the project's goals and align with the project's content (e.g., student demographics). Second, applying the practice with fidelity increases the likelihood of replicating outcomes.

However, research-based practices are not always available or matched to a project's context. That does not mean the project is going to fail. The key is to search for the best available evidence to support the project's theory of change. If no such practices are identified, map out your theory of change (e.g., create a logic model) to ensure your actions are specifically targeted to your goals and likely to support the desired outcomes. 


Building Your Case:
Gathering Evidence for Your Current Position

There are many ways to search for research-based practices. The standard in education is the What Works Clearinghouse. You can also search research reports and look for examples in other states to see what evidence base guided their project planning. A logic model that includes a working theory of action or logic model samples can help work through how the project is designed to yield specific outcomes. 


Documentation examples:

  • Research reports
  • Logic model that includes a working theory of action or logic model samples
  • Examples from other states
  • Asset maps

Once you've gathered and assessed the evidence, use the following scale to identify your current position. Remember that this rating is a benchmark, not a fixed position. If you find yourself at the Emerging stage, don't worry. You now have a clearer understanding of the steps needed to progress toward the advanced stage.

State of the Project

  • Emerging

    No relevant practices or examples can be applied

  • Developing

    At least one practice or example has been identified, but the application is not a good/great match for the context

  • Advancing

    At least one practice or example has been identified, but there are application challenges to consider

  • Mastery

    At least one practice or example has been identified and is ready for application

Looking for tools to help?

Ready to dive in?

Tap into the full potential of the CSPs self-assessment to evaluate your project's standing in each condition. Gain valuable insights on the necessary steps to propel your project even closer to achieving successful outcomes.

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