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Root Cause Identification

Charting the Course:
Navigating from Current State to Ideal State

Identifying the root cause your project aims to solve is crucial for directing actions to the right opportunity for change. Ignoring the root cause puts success at risk. Like doctors treating symptoms and underlying conditions, projects should address the core issue driving change. If a root cause analysis still needs to be done, now is the perfect time. If it has, ensure this information is shared with relevant parties and integrated into the project plan.

Building Your Case:
Gathering Evidence for Your Current Position

A documented root cause analysis is the most substantial evidence for understanding the situation. Collaborating with interested parties during this process allows for fresh perspectives and a thorough evaluation of each root cause's impact. Remember to document any adjustments to your project's theory of change or logic model based on the analysis. This ensures clarity and alignment with the insights from the root cause investigation.

Documentation examples:

  • Root cause analysis
  • Revision to the theory of action based on root causes

Once you've gathered and assessed the evidence, use the following scale to identify your current position. Remember that this rating is a benchmark, not a fixed position. If you find yourself at the Emerging stage, don't worry. You now have a clearer understanding of the steps needed to progress toward the advanced stage.

State of the Project

  • Emerging

    The root cause has not been determined

  • Developing

    The root cause has not been determined, and analysis is planned to identify underlying issues

  • Advancing

    The root cause analysis has begun and is not complete

  • Mastery

    The root cause analysis has been completed, shared with all relevant parties, and integrated into the project plan

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