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Mitigate Restraining Forces

Charting the Course:
Navigating from Current State to Ideal State

Unlike driving forces, restraining forces can impede project progress and even halt implementation. Early identification is crucial for devising mitigation strategies to keep the project on track. Proactive communication and securing collaborator buy-in are essential, as collaborators are motivated to intervene and counteract restraining forces. Assess the severity of these forces—are they inconvenient but manageable, or significant roadblocks that could significantly slow down or halt the project? Determine how relevant parties can be strategically deployed to advocate for the project's success in the face of restraining forces.

Building Your Case:
Gathering Evidence for Your Current Position

Assess the project context for potential restraining forces by examining competing organizational priorities that may overlap in resource usage. Document potential conflicts that could arise from these overlaps. Evaluate the priorities of interested parties who may not be fully invested in the project's outcomes and identify possible points of contention. This proactive evaluation helps anticipate and address potential obstacles before they impede project progress.

Documentation examples:

  • Client meetings
  • Collaborator meetings
  • Relevant resources

Once you've gathered and assessed the evidence, use the following scale to identify your current position. Remember that this rating is a benchmark, not a fixed position. If you find yourself at the Emerging stage, don't worry. You now have a clearer understanding of the steps needed to progress toward the advanced stage.

  • Emerging

    The key project collaborators are unable to mitigate restraining forces

  • Developing

    The key project collaborators are mostly unable to mitigate restraining forces

  • Advancing

    The key project collaborators are mostly able to mitigate restraining forces

  • Mastery

    The key project collaborators are fully able to minimize all restraining forces

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